Details on Quiz 2

The second quiz will be held on Thursday November 2nd during class time. You will complete the quiz on Canvas. It will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions on material covered to this point in class.

Since this is being administered on Canvas, you can complete the quiz basically from anywhere. You will be permitted to 25 minutes in which to complete the 20 questions on the quiz. The window of opportunity to complete the quiz will run from 11:40 pm until 12:20 pm. That way if you’re running up to 15 minutes late, you will still be able to do it with the full allotted time.

The remainder of the class time on November 2nd can be devoted to preparing the second short paper for the course, which will be due on Tuesday, November 7th. I have arranged for you to receive the answer key to the quiz just after its close. That way you will have the appropriate feedback to let you know where you are on track and where you aren’t. And you can spend the remainder of the class time working on preparing you paper.

As to the pedagogy of this approach, the quiz will focus upon major concepts we have discussed regarding each of the psychologists covered to date. As such, the quiz will serve as something of a review of the material covered. A study sheet is provided on this link Study-Questions-for Poli-185-Quiz-2 and on the evaluation page.