Paper 3

Paper 3 Prompt

For this assignment you are to provide a psychological perspective on a contemporary political concern, issue or problem. You are free to choose any psychological approach (or combination) discussed in the course. And you may select any political concern, issue or problem of interest. Please note that simple description of both the approach and concern/issue/problem should be kept to the absolute minimum. Instead, your focus should be on analysis and synthesis. So your paper should focus on identifying the essential aspects of your psychological approach and how it sheds specific light on the political concern. An excellent paper must, of course, be well written and organized with clear indications of originality. Moreover, it must provide strong evidence of a nuanced understanding of the aspects of the psychological approach selected (analysis) and its specific detailed application in understanding an instance of contemporary political life (synthesis).

This assignment should approximate a work of five double-spaced pages, with conventional margins. In no instance should the word count exceed 1500 words. The tone of the work should be that of a thought piece appropriate to a quality public affairs newspaper or magazine. As such footnotes and references should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Students who would like to receive written feedback on their work should indicate this by including the word COMMENTS on their title/first page.

Your paper 3 is due as a .doc or .docx file. It is to be submitted via Canvas. The assignment is due at 4pm on Monday December 11. It will be accepted until 7pm that evening but not thereafter.