Quiz 3 Study Questions

Quiz 3 Study Questions

What is Ted Brader et al’s research approach?

Which sort of variables do Brader et al find to be most influential in explaining attitudes toward immigration?

What is inclusive tolerance?

What do Harrison Gough and Pamela Bradley find about those who are perceived as intolerant?

Upon what does Michael Hennessy’s work suggest voting is based?

According to Yoel Inbar, which political groups tend to be more easily disgusted?

What is the underlying idea of the implicit attitude test?

What is Philip Tetlock’s principal criticism of the IAT?

What sort of measure and regarding which group does Efren Perez develop a new measure?

What does Perez find regarding well-educated people who are implicitly biased?

What is BOLD?

Lasana Harris and Susan Fisk provide a scientific account of what phenomenon?

What do they suggest is a practical way to promote egalitarian attitudes toward dehumanized outgroups?

Drawing on Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky’s prospect theory what does Emily Hafner-Burton argue is an advantage of  elite experience?

According to Emily Hafner-Burton what are the principal shortcomings of elite experience?

How does Jonathan Haidt, distinguish moral intuition and moral reasoning?

What is Moral dumbfounding?

According to Haidt on which moral foundations are liberals high?

And on which are they low?

What is the core of Suhler and Churchland’s critique of Haidt?.

What is the difference between a genotype and a phenotype?

What is the difference between a mediator and a moderator

By how much do Fowler and Dawes say the prediction of voting is improved by including the genetic variables among the predictors?

What is the major statistical concern that Evan Charney and William English have with Fowler and Dawes’ findings?

*What do some political psychologists regard as the ultimate underpinnings of emotional intersubjectivity?

*What does Elizabeth Phelps’ research using familiar faces in an IAT show?

*As announced in class on 5 December 2017




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